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Cannon Rats

Screen Size: 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 240x400, 240x432, 320x240, 360x640

The only puzzle action game of its kind on mobile phones. Launch these rat raiders to break through obstacles and defeat the Tribal Cats! Uncover treasure in 6 locations including the Beach, Ruins and onboard the Pirate Ship. Each location has 16 levels and its own boss to fight, but with 6 different rats at your disposal - Basic, Splitter, Saw Blade, Quake, Exploder and Jumper - you have all the tricks you need to overcome. Remember, your ammo is limited, so plan each shot carefully or you’ll be walkin’ the plank!

- 90 levels in 6 locations, each with its own appealing atmosphere like the Beach, Ruins & Pirate Ship
- The easy-to-learn gameplay makes the most of your touch screen, but also works with regular phones.
- 6 kinds of Cannon Rats are at your disposal, all very cute and with different abilities
- Get hooked on the addictive puzzle action, charming atmosphere and fun storyline
- Perfect bite-sized stages for short play sessions, but still able to keep you entertained for hours

Download "Cannon Rats" Java Game

Fast Five The Movie Official Game

Screen Size: 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 208x208, 240x320, 240x400, 320x240, 352x416, 360x640

The explosive franchise built on speed is back with Fast Five and this model comes fully loaded! Play as Brian O’Conner on the opposite side of the law and assemble an elite team of top racers. Get behind the wheel of your dream car to battle opponents in the ultimate high-stakes racing game that follows the movie storyline.

- Blow across many borders to elude authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Hong Kong and more!
- Get behind the wheel of hero cars from the film, including the latest Dodge Challenger 2011
- Tune & customize your vehicle with tons of options like decals, rims, boosts and much more!
- Challenge yourself in 9 racing events ranging from a Drift Contest to Survivor Mode
- Earn boosts and money as you tear up the streets…but watch out for the cops!
- Exciting gameplay: destroy obstacles, perform jumps and take down target cars

Download "Fast Five The Movie Official Game" Java Game
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