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Desert Operation Game (Free)

This military strategy browser game takes you to a land ravished by war. Your mission is to overcome your adversaries and become leader of your own powerful country.

In the online game Desert Operations players must create a mighty and powerful empire and join the war against thousands of other players.

Join the fight for valuable resources as you take on your enemies in intense battles. The strategy game Desert Operations is characterized by a variety of strategic and tactical elements, each of which requires a different and clever approach in order for you to be successful. Combine elements of diplomacy and forge alliances with other players to expand your network of allies in the browser game Desert Operations, or master the tactics of war in order to defeat your tough competitors.

It is crucial you develop your country as quickly as possible if you want to be successful in the military strategy game Desert Operations. By defending your nation from hostile takeovers, you increase your chance of taking reign and achieving victory. Build up all the necessary dwellings and immediately begin producing valuable resources that will help support your nation, as well as bring in wealth.

By declaring war on your opponents you increase your power and influence in the Desert Operations world. This is also done by forging alliances with other players to create a powerful force that cannot be tamed. Trade and intelligence is also a key component of your success in the military browser game Desert Operations. By maintaining a balance of clever strategic and tactical decisions, you will be able to overcome your enemies and ascend the military throne of the world.

Tanki Online Game (Free)

Tanki Online - first multiplayer 3D-action on Flash. Wide choice of ammunition, several game modes and real players only.

The game combines the loveliness of Battle City classics of NES epoch, modern 3D-shooter dynamics and excitement of online games. With all these great elements Tanki Online doesn’t require HDD installation and can be run on any Internet-connected PC. Just a simple one-minute registration sets you apart from colossal tank battles.

Only real players fight each other on 3D maps. Each tank in the game is driven by real people. Player vs player battles open great potential for fascinating challenges and cooperative actions. Revenge your foes, form teams, invent tricky tactical moves — all means are good in the war.

Become an experienced tanker under the cannonade thunder. There is a complex rank system in the game. The higher your rank is, the more powerful tank you can build. A player gets access to new armor, weapon and other tank upgrades with new rank.

Everybody will find something interesting for himself in Tanki Online – an entertaining 3D-action game, which is the arena for serious competitions and place for meeting and communication with friends as well. So… get ready to rumble!

My Country: Build Your Dream City (FREE) (iPad)

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Version: 1.29
Updated: May 31, 2012   

If you are tired from old-school construction games lacking real action, My Country is a city builder for you. This challenging build-a-city game has enough content to entertain you for the longest time ever. Build your own city, develop industries and transportation infrastructure, hire employees, eliminate ecological threats and control energy use.  When building a city you are not limited to simple buildings construction. Take on hundreds of tasks for the benefit of your developing city. Moreover, you can even create a complex well-governed country.

To be a successful city builder you should:
- Build residential buildings to increase your city's population

- Open office buildings and upgrade them to employ more citizens and create higher profits

- Develop industries, sign contracts and buy vehicles to transport the goods you produce

- Manage the ecology and energy use in your city by building power stations and parks

- Change the landscape: build canals, create lakes, plant trees and pave country roads

- Establish a bus transit network for your residents

- Gather collection items from the residents of your country

- Hire professionals to grow a forest of skyscrapers in your city!

What's New in Version 1.29

- Improved HD graphics and Retina support for the new iPad!
- Game Insight Center available in this version! Now you will be able to find all the news and events in one place, contact directly our tech support and find out about other games you might like!
- Minor improvements and fixes

 Download "My Country: Build Your Dream City" from AppleStore (FREE)

My Railway HD (FREE) (iPad)

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Version: 1.2
Updated: Jul 26, 2012

My Railway captures the fun of playing with model trains! Everyone who enjoyed toy trains as a kid will love to play! Lay rails to connect cities, hire your friends as engineers, control factories and workshops, send your locomotives from city to city and load them up with cargo! Become a modern-day Vanderbilt!

- Lay and upgrade railways connecting cities and factories;
- Upgrade factories and manufacture products to meet demand;
- Load your trains and your friends' trains;
- Expand your railway network;
- Complete daily quests and earn bonuses;
- Find unique collection items;
- Customize your train stations with decorations;
- Send airships to your friends;

- A unique game unlike any other for mobile devices;
- Reminiscent of everyone's childhood hobby, model trains;
- Colorful, high-quality graphics;
- Hints and tips on playing the game;
- Immersive sound effects;
- Trains haul freight even when you're away from the game;
- Free to play;
- No ads.

What's New in Version 1.2
- Game Insight Center available in this version! Now you will be able to find all the news and events in one place, contact directly our tech support and find out about other games you might like!  
Download "My Railway HD" from AppleStore (FREE)

March of Heroes

Screen Size:
128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 240x400, 360x640, 480x800

Take part in the most terrible conflicts of the Cold War in this thrilling shooter. Enjoy swift action and adrenaline stunning graphics. Visit a lot of locations around the world, from Vietnam and Saigon to the mountains of Afghanistan. Play as two soldiers for special purposes.

- Plunge into the most terrible conflicts of the Cold War;
- Complete 9 chapters that will guide you through the various places of the Vietnamese rice fields and to the deep sea;
- Enjoy the variational gameplay: shooting from behind cover, stealth murder and aerial attacks by helicopter;
- Use the great arsenal of spectacular weapons such as grenade launcher or flamethrower;
- Play as two different characters
Download "March of Heroes" Java Game
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