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Mephisto Chess Mobile Edition

Mephisto Chess Mobile EditionScreen Size: 176x220, 240x320

Mephisto Chess Mobile Edition (M.E.) is THE classical chess game for mobile phones. With a strong chess engine and 9 difficultness levels to chose from it offers a long lasting and unique playing experience to all players ranging from beginners to club players. This game is a complete chess program which very tightly complies with the FIDE rules of chess. It includes castlings, in passing captures, a hundred non-capturing non-pawn half-move limit, choosy promotions, and 3 return rules. A small opening library names the played opening for educational play. A carefully-tuned randomised element in the early stages of the game makes each game different. The game offers 3 different board styles and a variety of features like „best move“, „move history“, „change sides“, „fl ip board“, „Player vs. CPU“, „2-Player mode“ and „save game“. The product is build around the famous Mephisto chess brand which is a very renowned name in chess computer history. Mephisto Chess M.E. is among the most advanced chesses that are currently available on the mobile gaming market!

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