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Einsteins Mind Twister

Einsteins Mind TwisterScreen Size: 128x128, 128x160, 132x176, 176x204, 176x208, 176x220, 208x208, 240x229, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416

Einstein's Games - Mind Twister is a claiming mind-twisting puzzle game. The Task: Construct a assortment of functional contraptions, came of different gadgets, with assistance of your grey cells and your creative mind. For instance: Let a ball jump into a bucket which sounds easier than done. To bring the ball into the bucket use springs, conveyers and other interesting gadgets each with its own feature. Albert Einstein can help build the contraptions too, if you don't method to do it. Apply a high award aft every level by solving the puzzle with as little tries as you are able to. Inside a graphically rich environment and with lots of motivating music.

Game Feature Highlights:
- Einstein's comments through the Game
- Ingame Tutorial for a quick pick up and play
- four distinctly different areas which produce an enjoyable atmosphere
- ten levels per area, with increasingly difficult challenges
- Open Level System - three selectable levels, everytime!
- Versatile Jukebox - 3 Music-Styles with 5 Tracks per Style or Sound Effects only
- An easy to use Ingame-Toolbox for best playability
- Award System with six Molecule-Awards for players performance (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Nickel, Steel, Lead)
- Einstein's Help Feature - "Don't know how to do? Einstein figures it out!"
- Surprising Mirror Mode - all levels available as mirrored versions after player finishes the regular game

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