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Lemmings Tribes

Lemmings TribesScreen Size: 176x220, 240x320

From the original Lemmings franchise, the Lemmings return in this classic game of Lemmings Tribes on mobile. In this ultimate real-time puzzle game, save a set number of Lemmings on a number of levels filled with devious traps and gaps. Problem solving and logic are required. Be the chief…Save the tribes!

-Three tribes with unique skills available beyond the classic Lemming skills
-Similar game play to Lemmings where each level has a set number of Lemmings (rather than carrying over Lemmings to the next level)
-The player only has to play a few tutorial levels for the classic tribe before both the space and medieval tribes are unlocked
-The difficulty level of each tribe range from easy to hard
-Levels are supported the layouts from Lemmings 2: The Tribes, but modified for the aspect ratio of mobile phones
-Levels can have more one entrance and exit

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