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SurroundedScreen Size: for iPhone and iPod Touch

A unique adventure game where you can solve a mysterious puzzle captured in a house. Play as "Nick" who's captured in a house with some reason. What kind of purpose is Nick captured for and who's done this? Check in the challenging puzzle adventure "SURROUNDED".

+ Every mysterious puzzle will surprise you time after time.
+ Never think never you'll have to think to bring out of the house.
+ Different types of puzzle will make you continue going.
+ Challenge how fast you can get out from the captured house.
+ Find out orders of Challenging puzzle.
+ First person view will make you fills like you're in the game.
+ Heavy storyline as if watching a movie.
+ Situations of the game will stimulate your brain.
+ Understanding the hints is another source of fun in this game.

Download "Surrounded" iPhone Game (v1.1)


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