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Sexy Poker 2009

Sexy Poker 2009

Screen Size: 176x208, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416

Think you've got what it takes to win at Sexy Poker? Hayley, Tianna and her girlfriends beg to differ . And they're willing to bet all their clothes to prove it! Face off against up to six lovely ladies in among three exciting game modes: 5-card draw poker, video poker, or blackjack . Play and gamble with your fingertips, and turn up the pressure by touching the girl on the screen to take off her clothes . Just be careful not to lose your composure or they'll strip you of all your money.. Adapt to their different playing styles - from great caution to the worst bluff . You may think you hold all the cards in this game, these girls have something different in mind.

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