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Yakuza The Treasure

Yakuza The Treasure

Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320

You've been hired by the Yubitsume family to help them bring the Yakuza Treasure. Use all your skill and intelligence and interact with the rest of the main characters to complete your missions. Get ready for one the biggest challenges this year!Yakuzas treasure puts you in the shoes of a character hired by the Yubitsume family, one of Yakuza`s most grievous ganster clans. You only have one ambition, to find one of the most desired treasures remaining to be found Bakutos Treasure. Make your waythrough 6 massive different scenarios with open environments reproduced in detail and interact with other main characters Natsuki, Kosuke and Hiroto, they'll help you achieve success in your mission. Just one question remains .Do you've what it takes to complete the job and bring the treasure to the Yakuza family?

Interesting storyline offering so many missions you'll be entertained for hours and hours. Gameplay accessible to everyone. 6 massive different highly detailed scenarios and challenging puzzles. Unique game atmosphere, intuitive and extremely varied gameplay. Interactive: several characters will allow you to change story as you play.

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