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Fantasy Warrior Legends

Screen Size: for Nokia 5800, 128x160, 176x220, 240x320, 320x240

Explore the vast world of Reno as a fearless warrior and unleash terrorized the village, they penetrated through the dense forests and dark crypt. Take on your way with the orcs, bandits and skeletons to prepare for the fulfillment of their destiny in the immortal dungeons, where again ya eye Lord of Demons. Search for gems in the game, and cherish them, you will need them to power their weapons and armor. If they run out, you can always buy more! Take control of dungeons, destroy the evil for good and become a hero in fully benefiting from the epic story of an unlimited gameplay!

- Premium RPG experience
- Heroic storyline with unlimited dungeon gameplay
- Kill enemies and gather special items while exploring all corners of the land of the legends
- Gain damage points and strength as you progress and level up along your adventure
- Collection of Gemstone-powered items to find or buy – each with unique effect and contribution to combat situations
- Beautiful graphics and an epic soundtrack to put you in the warrior mood!

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