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Crazy Cats

Crazy Cats

Screen Size: for Nokia 5800, 128x160, 176x220, 240x320

Hello. Meet Bark the Dog and join him on his adventure quest to discover the secret of nine cat sleeps in the* fantasy land ofCrazy Cats. Roam the world from snowy Arctic plains through tropical jungles to deserts of Africa, meet creatures from the depths of the ocean or from the abysses of the Underworld. Wherever it takes you,Crazy Catsis packed with fun and action. This unique cross of a puzzle game and a platform not only targets the widest casual audience, but delivers a new gameplay experience and brings features not yet seen on mobile phones before. Let Bark rotate the game screen in real time, which makes some of the cats fall down and easy to scare away with barking. Swim in water, slide on the ice or float in low gravity - the game environments never get boring. And when youre ready for a change, just use your phone's camera and make your very own level.

- Unique game mechanics real time screen rotation
- One-screen levels
- Plenty of power-ups and NPC types to keep you hooked
- Original and never-seen-before game concept
- Unique gravity based game principle
- Six colorful worlds
- Cute animations
- Easy one-thumb controls

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