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Kamasutra Guru 3D - - java games for mobiles

Creator: SexFactor.Retail-Etty
Screen Size: 128x128 | 128x160 | 176x208 | 176x220 | 240x320
Genre: Arcade

Welcome to the world of love, exotic, exciting and magic. Couples are interlaced with each other in the most fantastic poses. Under the shining sun, against a background the Tibetan mountains, with a realistic 3D animation. So open rather java game Kamasutra 3D!

Before us mobile edition of Kamasutra, the ancient textbook on sexual positions. This time developers have gone further the others and realised the present three-dimensional drawing. The young man and girl, heroes of this textbook, make love in a realistic environment. As though they and really are among mountains, ancient temples and mysterious woods. Touch wisdom, learn passion secrets!


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