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Pro Rally Racing - java games for mobiles

Creator: Gameloft SA
Screen Size: 128x128 | 128x160 | 132x176 | 176x208 | 176x220 | 240x320
Genre: Race

Prepare for storm process of java game where there will be jumps and drifts on each turn, only the professional racer can support speed maximum and receive precious seconds for a victory.

Modify your style of driving to each type of a landscape, squeeze out all of the "an iron horse" to outrun one's competitors and to win the most prestigious International Races!

- 6 official cars from prestigious manufacturers (Subaru, Citroen, Ford, Peugeot, Mitsubishi...).
- Game process will be interesting both to beginners, and fans of Rally.
- Sensational technology of behaviour of the car which changes depending on landscape type (earth, asphalt, dirt, snow, etc.).
- 7 international areas for races (England, Norway, Corsica, Mexico, USA, New Zealand...).
- 5 modes of java game (Race, Pursuit of time, Duel, Competitions of jumps, International Championship).

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