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Worms 2008. A space oddity - java games for mobiles

Creator: THQ
Screen Size: 128x128 | 128x160 | 132x176 | 176x208 | 176x220 | 240x320 | 320x240 | 352x416
Genre: Strategy

In java game Worms 2008 there are many surprising scenes. You should take part in Space age battles. Set of new modes of game, including fast battles, companies and scenarios. There are also some minigames providing new representation about game of worms.

- A scene of action - Space
- Traditional Worms game mode, 5 modes of game + a large quantity of useful changes and visual effects gripping spirit
- The mode Company/History consisting of 12 interesting chapters, beginning with Ambus and at last coming to an end "Returning to the Earth"
- Minigames - some separate superamusing minigames as: Rocket Command of Worms, Asteroids of Worms, basket Capture, Aggressors of Worms and Grenade tennis
- A new set of the weapon, having wider variety than earlier in mobile Worms - with more than 20 groups to choose from inclusion of old favourites, type of Banana Bomb and new with a scientific-fi turbulence as Ronaldґs Raygun!

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