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Heroes of War: Sand Storm 3D - java games for mobiles

Heroes of War: Sand Storm 3DCreator: Qplaze
Screen Size: Multiscreen
Genre: Shooter

War isn't forgotten.
They leave scars on the earth and human memory - scars that can't be erased. Eventually, they ooze - abominable determinations in the ruins of old cities, dust-filled folders in the archives, incubus of entire generations. In review, we see: the entire history of mankind - it's a history of wars. Fishgigs put back by sail projectiles and swords - with automatics, but for 1000s of years hasn't altered the main thing - the essence of war.

The war can't look backward.
The world is shrinking warrior to the blade of his sword, the world pointer - to face the enemy in the cross optical sight. At this aim they've no longer choice, there's no way to retreat.

Make at any rate one step back.
That's the center and the war - only forward.Towards the fire, death and lead the city by shrapnel and flames, which melts even tank armour, the carcases of foemen and friends, only forward - without the right to die. Only forward - even knowing that when allice finished, you'll wait there, and none of you don't remember.

Java game features:
- Naturalistic 3-D environment - gunfires, fire, smoke and lighting effects;
- Optimised engine and fast performance on all phones with support for 3D;
- Big open spaces - the mountains and roads, bridges and villages;
- Many opponents of the fabled and real types of lethal weapons;
- The dynamic sound environment, and the sound of shots from a real weapon;
- Simple operation, with the assist of sight andtraining mission, allowing the player postrelyat on target.

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