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Oban: Star-Racers - java games for mobiles

Oban: Star-RacersCreator: DeValley Entertainment
Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320
Genre: Race

Earth, 2082. 25 yrs after the attempted Crog invasion. Trying to see her father again, Don Wei the race manager, who deserted her ten years ago, Eva joins her team under a assumed name, « Molly ». But Don back-number assigned a classified mission: lead Earth to triumph in a mysterious intergalactic competition - the Oban Great Race. Whenever the stakes of the event continue surrounded in secret, one thing is sure: the race will deeply change the balance of forces in the Galaxy. Earth cannot afford to lose - especially not to the Crogs! Molly, Don Wei, Rick Thunderbolt the champion, Jordan the gunner and the mechanics Stan and Koji immediately ship call at direction of planet Arouas, the opening of the Great Oban Race. The fate of Earth is unsuccessful the hands of Molly and her friends

- Re-experience all the situations of Oban Star Racers
- The thirteen first episodes of the show
- Original music from Yoko Kanno's television show

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