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NOM II: Free Runner - java games for mobiles

NOM II: Free RunnerCreator: Gamevil
Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 320x240
Genre: Arcade

NOM 2: Free Runner. Novelty is continuation 360 - degree game. The java game is different fashionable graphics, which mixes well with untraditional gameplay. You're playing for little men, who essential flee, break away, escape to 100s of screens scroll filled with a variety of obstructions specified pits and blaze ring. Everything is managed in the game by means of a button. Additionally, developers have used the revolution of the screen to a player not too quiet. All level is divided into several forms, as soon as you now you're hard put until the end of one phase, you need to click on the ok and jump man on the wall and keep going it. Aft the man begins to jump to escape upwards, so you've to either turn the phone, or used to to the fresh location of the screen.

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