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AD 1066: William the Conqueror - java games for mobiles

AD 1066: William the Conqueror

Creator: Handy Games
Screen Size: 128x160, 176x220, 240x320
Genre: Strategy

You're the scion of among the oldest noble families. Your liege William I, the duke of Normandy, is ready to invade England. You were selected to command his army! Can you defeat the Old English king Harold Godwinson and his fearsome knights or will you be washed back into the English Channel? Recruit new soldiers, conquer cities, upgrade them to castles and brace oneself for the final battle at Hastings! You need a lot of tactical talent to defeat your fierce enemies who are prepared to fight to the death! Plan your moves well, and the English crown is yours for the taking!

- Action-packed strategy in the medieval times
- twelve challenging missions in among the most absorbing periods of history!
- Nine units, each with their own strengths and helplessnesses
- nine types of terrain provide tactical diversity
- four experience levels improve your units
- Choose from nine leaders to enhance your ten core units
- Clever AI for the Singleplayer mode
- "Hot hand" mode for multiplayer games
- Fog of War provides tactical depth
- Extensive tutorial – come in the game easily!

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