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Spooks: The Mobile Game - java games for mobiles

Spooks: The Mobile GameCreator: Gameloft
Screen Size: 128х128, 128х160, 176х208, 176х220, 240х320, 320х240, 352х416
Genre: TV Games

Anticipate clues & suspects, infiltrate an embassy, prevent a atomic attack... This is your mission.

- An exclusive scenario authorised by the Spooks team: save the UK from a terrorist nuclear plot.
- Play as Lucas North and team up with your loved characters from the show: Jo, Ros and Harry.
- Exact breeding of the Spooks universe from the seventh series: likeness of characters, suspense…
- Complete various mini-games to lead your probe: search for clues, stop a virus, etc.
- Cinematic transitions between scenes, for a deep, TV serial atmosphere.
- Your skills as both an detective and a field-ops officer will be required.


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