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Deer Hunter 3 - java games for mobiles

Creator: Glu Mobile
Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320
Genre: Simulator

Set your sights on cervid, bears, rabbits, and birds as you hunt around the world in the #1 hunting java game on mobile. Freshly environmental effects specified fog and snow add naturalism to your hunt. Jump into a career hunt or feel out the new challenge mode wherever you overcome buck fever and other specific hunting scenarios. After you hit rewarding killing zone shots, view your best kills in the trophy room.

- Stay in the states or visit Canada and Europe to hunt deer, bear, rabbits, and more
- Increased chasing and tracking system puts new center on finding the greatest game
- Snow, rain, fog, and heavy winds affect your hunt
- All-new trophy room featuring your best kills and trophies
- Multiple game modes admitting career, shooting range, and all-new challenge mode

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