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Fighters of Caribbean 2 - java games for mobiles

Fighters of Caribbean 2Creator: Palmsoft
Screen Size: 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 240x320
Genre: Fighting

At one time the known buccaneer Broderick, the Calvo is now just a captive sentenced to death by British authorities on a Caribbean island.But days before his capture, when already knew about the persecution of the British dark blue against the vas, Broderick reveals the crew of his confidence the location of the maps that would lead to their treasures on the island of Santa Isabella. But not everybody remained fast to his captain, and that some desertaram before their capture and other delataram the existence of the treasures of Broderick, the Calvo in getting the amnesty.Altho the English rising ocean in search of maps and treasures, 4 pirates were addressed to island of Santa Isabella, each with it is map, in hopes of finding his treasure and who knows the treasure of others too. Amid them were Sam Firecrotch, the second-in-command of Captain Broderick, Deadbones Ezekiel, a young adventurer who's the map after winning a bet and Jackie Sails, a mystical girl who appears to know the secrets behind this treasure.At the start it was thought that the information on the maps would lead to treasures, but the pirates discover that the points of the maps are only regard to the riches and to put his hand on the treasure of Broderick, the Calvo would have to fight among themselves to gain all maps.Once the disputes betwixt the highjacks and they need to begin finding the treasure as quickly as possible, because the British navy can reach the island of Santa Isabella at any time.

Note: game is in portuguese

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