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The Overtaker 3D - java games for mobiles

The Overtaker 3DCreator: Gameleons
Screen Size: 128x128 128x160 176x220 240x320
Genre: Shooter

The Ovetaker is a darkness adventure java game in a inscrutable 3D world. It centers a blanked out corner of Europe, wherever a military machine of the Nazi Germany is developing a engineering that is believed to airt the course of chronicle. The role of the gamers is to play the Overtaker and looks in the centre of uncanny events. They've to utilize unique skills to steal in the dark, attack abruptly and use the ability of their foemen against them.

Having twelve challenging levels and an array of weapons, you've to merge moral force action and smart tactics to kill hordes of different enemies. You'll enjoy the gear graphics, 3-D surroundings and several extra effects with interactive objects while playing the gameplay.

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