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Tetris Pop - java games for mobiles

Tetris PopCreator: Electronic Arts
Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320
Genre: Logic

Power Up with Tetris POP. Advertise your skills to the hilt in frantic clocked challenges. Can you beat the time in 3 high-power modes and various action-packed Tetris mini-variations? Survive wave after wave of tetriminos in Flood or drown in the matrix. Activate bombs in Detonator to go KABOOM. Append tight in Ledge or plummet into a bottomless pit. Daze your eyes and ears with brilliant colors, animated backgrounds and pulse-pounding beats. Tetris POP is packed with surprisals and secrets.

Enjoy an unbelievable range of java game play with seventeen different mini-variations.

- Get 3 freshly play modes: POP, POP Chrono and POP Mix.
- POP: Encounter twenty-two levels, each containing 3 mini-variations and explore 8 unique “worlds,” each with their own animated backgrounds and energetic music.
- POP Chrono: Set your desired playday and let the game tailor a play session to fit your schedule.
- POP Mix: Customize your game play by selecting your favorite mini-variations from the playlist.
- Complete levels and achieve goals to progress through the game and unlock a secret surprise.
- Dazzle your eyes with shocking animated backgrounds
- Groove along to 8, high-power music tracks.

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