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Rabbit: Terror Of The Wood - java games for mobiles

Rabbit: Terror Of The WoodCreator: Gameleons
Screen Size: 128x128, 128x160, 176x204, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320
Genre: Arcade

Rabbit: Terror of the Wood won the hearts of its buffs with his quite strange position towards all other animals in the forest. His only destination is to "score" with any living creature in his batch. He won't decline the affair to aggress a fox, a bear or even farm chickens! ;-)

Rabbit was originally the character from the series of MMS card usable on the Era GSM wheeler dealer portal. He then advanced to come along on air in a serial of funny film clips shown on TV where he gained extreme fame and become a cult character. Today Gameleons adds him to a mobile java game.

The gamers control a randy Rabbit and must "score" with all animals inside sight to go on to the next level. Sure all animal has to be approached in a different way. Some of them will break away if they notice the Rabbit, others will brush off him and some will even attack him beginning! Consequently the Rabbit must use his power to find cover in trees, bushes or even in the water! Totally animals must be neared from behind, differently the Rabbit will be busted and loose some of his energy.

- an super funny game
- original scope of actions useable
- Five different animals to "score" with
- Brilliant graphics and animations
- free mobile gadgets (wallpapers and ring tone) for those who ending the game

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