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Moto GP 08 - java games for mobiles

Moto GP 08Creator: I-play
Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320
Genre: Race

The entirely newly Moto GP java game is the most innovative motorbike racing game e'er made on mobile. The radical fresh game engine will let you immerse yourself as among the bravest and nice motorbike passenger on the satellite. It is advanced AI will challenge y'all along the 18 Grand Prix of the 2008 season. The first-class physics of the bike gets in easy to apprehend but hard to master. Moto GP 08 is the elemental simulation that will plunge into the thrilling world of Moto GP.

- The only official MotoGP game of the 2008 season;
- All sixteen qualified riders of 2008 Moto GP season;
- 18 Grand Prix tracks realistically re-created;
- Dead easy control and fantabulous dynamic of the bike;
- dynamical AI systems that challenges you along the races and during the whole season too;
- Commentators update on the race performances; - ten ways to tune your bike

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