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My Monster Pet - java games for mobiles

My Monster PetCreator: GAMEVIL INC.
Screen Size: 176x208, 240x320, 262x354, 320x240
Genre: Simulator

Accept your real own Monster Pet all over with you! These attractive and screaming realistic monsters will keep you amused as they
laugh, cry, whine, and even disobey you at times! Play five different mini-games last, assist all its needs, and watch your monster grow into 1 of 12 unique forms. Send eggs to all your friends so that they've their own monster pets to raise!

- Feed, entertain, bath, cure, and train your little Monster as it grows and learns from you.
- Do not neglect your Monster, as it will still grow even if the game Is not open, so remember to open the game to cherish it!
- The way you raise your Monster affects how it behaves and even how it looks! Your Monster can look 1 of 12 unique ways as it
grows through its own 3 different phases.
- Have some entertaining and play with your Monster in five different mini-games: Battle Maze, Karaoke, Dance Dance, Fortune Telling, and
even decorating your home-sweet-home with paintings you make with your Monster Pet!
- Accumulate all twelve monsters and find out what each of their personalities are like!
- Show your friends a bit love by sending them a Monster egg with a secret message which they can only read once the Monster
Pet you send them grows up!

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